Spoken with Authority is best known for engaging, interactive training programs that incorporate active learning techniques, utilize video clips to show examples of best practices of public speaking, and model those best practices. Below are clips of training programs presented to live audiences. You can find more videos with public speaking advice on our YouTube channel.

Here workshop facilitator Christine Clapp teaches Spoken with Authority’s strategy for responding to questions off the cuff clearly and concisely during a webinar titled “Say It Right the First Time.”

Here Christine delivers an engaging 15-minute TED-style presentation to attendees at the annual conference of the Professional Development Consortium.

Michele Morrissey, workshop facilitator at Spoken with Authority, explains why you hear your voice differently than other people.

Here Christine responds to a question on what to do with your speaking notes during a workshop at the Delaware Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s annual statewide conference.

Here workshop facilitator Jean Miller shares metaphors her students and clients have used to describe the process of giving a speech during a workshop at the University Club of Washington, D.C.

Jean Miller, workshop facilitator at Spoken with Authority, explains the importance of vocal variety.