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Success Stories

“I had the privilege of attending the presentations the summer associates gave, and I was blown away by the level of professionalism they exhibited. The presentations were organized, clear, and concise. The presenters themselves were prepared, well-spoken, and confident. I received feedback along the lines of ‘this summer associate presented with the skill of someone significantly further along in their career.”

Rob Hashimoto

Legal Recruiting Manager, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox

Spoken With Authority provided helpful tools to use in a variety of speaking situations, and provided encouraging and candid feedback. We even discovered some hidden public speaking talents on the team. If you’re thinking about getting public speaking coaching for yourself or your team, Spoken With Authority has your back.”

Sarah Dash

President and CEO, Alliance for Health Policy

“I can say without reservation that Spoken With Authority has had a lasting, positive impact on how I and the individuals on my staff present ourselves. The skills they taught us and the additional tips are resources we came across in the book have made us stronger, better, and more creative facilitators. Spoken With Authority has remained a resource to our organization and we hope to engage with them as we expand and grow.”

MaryEllen McGuire

Executive Director, PNPI

Spoken with Authority Differentiation
Spoken with Authority Differentiation

Frequently Asked Questions


Think of a person in your organization or industry who is confident and cogent whether they are online, on the phone, or in person, and whether they are responding to a question, contributing to a meeting, introducing themselves at a networking event, pitching a new project, or presenting at a conference. 

This person was not endowed with excellent presentation skills. There’s no such thing as a natural born speaker. The most accomplished speakers, who often appear to present most effortlessly, generally have spent the most time and effort honing their craft. They developed their speaking skills by participating in opportunities such as public speaking courses, theatre, poetry slam, debate, preaching, Model UN, mock trial, oral advocacy training, Toastmasters, professional development seminars, and perhaps even 1:1 coaching. 

If you want to become a leader in your organization or industry too, you will need to hone your oral communication skills – and the sooner the better. Because you need to master everyday speaking situations in order to take on higher-profile and higher-risk presentations. 

Coaching is a particularly efficient way to improve because a skillful coach can help you leverage your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, and focus on mastering speaking situations that you encounter most often now as well as new ones that you need to master to take the next steps in your career.  


Many of our clients rely on their organization’s professional development budget to pay for their presentation skills coaching. In some cases, clients split the fee between their annual professional development allotment and paying out of pocket. In other cases, clients pay entirely out of pocket because they know the investment in their presentation skills will pay dividends throughout their career. We can invoice in ways that make payments easier – splitting between the employee and organization or invoicing several times throughout the coaching engagement in smaller installments. 

During the pandemic, some organizations have had to reduce their professional development budgets. Because presentations skills coaching can dramatically improve pitches, can enhance the participant experience at conferences and other events, and can help emerging leaders take on higher profile roles, consider using your business development, event, or diversity / equity / inclusion budgets to cover costs associated with presentation-skills coaching.


The perfect time for coaching is when you are busy. Every time you meet with your coach, you will tick items off your to-do list – from preparing contributions for an upcoming meeting, planning how you’ll manage a difficult conversation with a colleague or client, crafting the content for a pitch or presentation you are delivering yourself or with colleagues, developing ideas for slides or handouts, figuring out how to facilitate an interactive virtual meeting or presentation on a new videoconference platform, rehearsing so you are confident and comfortable during a meeting or presentation, and brainstorming ways you can up your small-talk game and better build rapport with colleagues or clients.

Your expert coach will expedite the process of presentation preparation and teach you how to replicate those time savings in the long term.

Your coaching engagement is always tailored to your calendar (what speaking roles are coming up that you need to prepare for) and your goals (what’s most important for you to reach your leadership potential). It is not a one-sized-fits-all approach that focuses on situations or skills that are not a top priority for you. 


Yes. Spoken with Authority has been using Zoom for remote coaching since September 2016, and we used Skype for virtual engagements before that.

Since well before COVID 19, we have successfully coached speakers in faraway places – and some who were close by but needed flexibility to work from home or wanted to avoid soul-crushing DC traffic.

The factors that we find most influence the ability for speakers to achieve their coaching goals are: attending scheduled coaching sessions, trusting the coach’s guidance, trying new strategies and techniques even when they are uncomfortable, and following through when work and life get busy.

All can be done remotely, and in some cases, are even easier to do in a virtual environment.

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