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Spoken with Authority is a Washington, D.C.-based presentation skills consultancy that elevates the presence and expands the influence of professionals, and promotes inclusion in organizations.

Our clients are leaders, emerging leaders, and subject-matter experts in law firms, consulting firms, associations, and nonprofits. We’re looking for a long-term relationship with a friendly, insightful presentation skills expert who values diversity and inclusions, and has a proven track record of coaching mid- and senior-level professionals remotely via Zoom or other videoconference platforms. Our ideal candidate appreciates a supportive learning environment and can deliver high-caliber client service.

Role + Responsibilities + More

  • Provide a supportive, encouraging and empathetic environment for clients to overcome fears and achieve their goals as speakers and leaders
  • Develop and implement presentation preparation timelines with clients
  • Help clients distill, organize, and articulate their thoughts using our proven Sandwich Structure Outline Method
  • Offer creative and insightful suggestions on presentation content, including visual aids and engagement strategies, to make it more memorable and effective
  • Identify ways for clients to convey confidence in formal and informal speaking situations with body language, eye contact, movement and gestures, vocal quality, facial expressions, pauses, as well as technology and physical setup
  • Deliver a white-glove and inclusive online experience for all clients, from start to finish and beyond
  • Respond to client and team emails within 24-48 business hours
  • Work remotely and independently – 75% or more of the position
  • Required education: bachelor’s degree; master’s degree in communication or related field
  • Required experience: Academic teaching appointment or paid communication coaching position
  • Pay – starting at $150 an hour and $1750 per two-month coaching engagement
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