On-site presentation-skills workshops

Christine’s workshops are dynamic and interactive learning events that conveniently take place in your environment, or at any other desired location (e.g. retreat, conference, expo, etc.).

What participants are saying…

  • It was engaging. I like learning then doing, and I was able to do that.
  • Christine’s workshop was clear and to the point.
  • It was excellent! I’m usually a cynic who rolls his eyes at professional development, but I found this very useful.
  • This is what I came for and I got it.
  • Christine provided honest feedback in a supportive environment.
  • Christine practices what she preaches.
  • I liked that there were actual tools presented that are easy to take with me. Christine is clear, organized with time, and uses no junk words!

Workshops are ideal for members of your team who want to:

  • Develop their executive presence and speak with authority and confidence
  • “Say it right the first time” in spontaneous speaking situations with clients, colleagues, partners, etc.
  • Improve their ability to moderate meetings and panels
  • Refine, optimize and evolve their already-seasoned speaking talent

Through a combination of insightful tools, model strategies, best practices, “real world” scenarios, compelling visuals, active learning techniques and more, your team members will improve their presentation skill and ability — and your organization will increase its capacity and strength!

Breakout session at a workshop
Interactive workshop candid

Personally Leading the Way

Christine oversees each workshops and will collaborate with your organization to customize the learning plan, and map the educational experience to your specific human capital training and development objectives.

Ongoing Support & Encouragement

Christine doesn’t “run a workshop and ride off into the sunset.” You can count on her to provide you team with ongoing support and encouragement, and ensure that they’re applying their emerging presentation skills — and reaping the rewards!

Popular Workshop Topics

Master the Art of Speaking with Confidence

Whether you’re in the boardroom, on the sales floor, around the proverbial “water cooler,” at a conference, on the phone, or anywhere else: your ability to speak with confidence will drive your career forward — just as a lack of confidence will frustratingly hold you back.

In Master the Art of Speaking with Confidence, Christine gives you a set of powerful insights and practical strategies that will rapidly transform your public speaking anxiety and apprehension into poise and polish.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to develop your speaking skills in a way that will transform your career — and change your life!

Speak Like a Leader

How often have you marvelled at presentations by great leaders of this or a previous generation, and imagined that it was you connecting with a rapt audience hanging on every word?

In Speak Like a Leader, Christine takes you on a remarkable tour of the five habits that influential leaders – from political heavyweights, to business icons, to entertainment moguls – rely on to convey confidence, command a room, and transform their listeners.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to open doors, opportunities, and possibilities by speaking like a leader!

Bolster Your Credibility, Avoid Common Speaking Mistakes

Did you know that bad speaking habits can undermine your credibility, holding your career back even though you have the knowledge and experience needed to move forward?

In Bolster your Credibility, Avoid Common Speaking Mistakes, Christine reveals costly communication mistakes made by many professionals so that you can avoid them and adopt polished speaking behaviors that will propel your career forward.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to replace problematic speaking habits with powerful ones so you can fulfill your leadership potential.

Craft Memorable and Engaging Presentations

Let’s face it: for many people, the only thing worse than being asked to give a presentation is being invited to sit through one. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In Craft Memorable and Engaging Presentations, Christine teaches you her and foolproof Sandwich Structure, which you’ll use to deliver game-changing presentations — even if you don’t have ample time to prepare, or if you’re striving to get through to a “tough audience.” Before you know it, they’ll be on your side, in your hands, and ready to applaud.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to become a presentation legend in your workplace, and across your industry!

Powerful Visual Presentations

While there are plenty of things that audiences can dislike about a presentation, their #1 pet peeve is when presenters read off slides. There’s simply no faster way to turn off an audience and get them eyeing the exits.

In Powerful Visual Presentations, Christine shows you how to design dynamic and engaging presentation aids and augment them with compelling stories, so that you bring any presentation to life – whether it’s in the boardroom, on stage, or anywhere else.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to turn your presentations into must-attend events that will have people remembering fondly and talking positively for weeks, months, or maybe even years!

Say it Right the First Time

How often do you fall short when trying to clearly, convincingly and confidently get your message across “in the moment” – such as when someone asks you a question in a meeting, during a chance encounter, job interviews, media interviews, or in any other situation where you want and need to be at your most articulate?

In Say it Right the First Time, Christine gives you a set of little known – but profoundly effective – tools and tips to ensure that you always express yourself with clarity and composure; even when the last thing you were expecting was to be under the spotlight.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to go from thwarted and tongue tied, to polished, poised, and pointed — the first time, and every time!

Conference Readiness Intensive

Are members of your organization presenting at an upcoming conference or event? Will they shine in their speaking roles and make a great impression on the people in attendance?

In the Conference Readiness Intensive, Christine not only shares best practices of crafting and delivering effective presentations; she coaches your speakers so they develop exciting content for events and communicate it with confidence to the most discerning attendees.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to wow participants and compel them to sign up for the next event at which your team members will present.

Plan Productive Meetings and Facilitate them with Finesse

Do you remember the last truly productive meeting you attended — one that made the best use of your limited time, and empowered you with valuable insights and knowledge? Indeed, such meetings are few and far between. That is, they used to be!

In Plan Productive Meetings and Facilitate them with Ease, Christine shows you precisely how to design and deliver meetings that make an immediate and lasting impact, so you can dramatically enhance your personal brand and drive your career forward.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to turn any meeting into an eagerly anticipated, must-attend event that will get you remembered, respected and revered!

Moderate Panels with Polish

As you’ve surely experienced from being a speaker or in the audience: not all panels are created equal! While a few are informative, insightful, and inspiring, others are unimpressive, unmemorable, and unfocused.

In Moderate Panels with Polish, Christine shows you how to use your influence and power as a moderator to ensure that your panel has focus and flow, and that your speakers are prepared and poised to make a lasting impact.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to make the next panel you moderate memorable for all of the right reasons!

Evaluation Excellence

If you’re one of the millions of people who find evaluating colleagues “easier said than done” — you aren’t alone! Even some of the most seasoned professionals dread evaluations, and will do almost anything to delay or avoid the experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In Evaluation Excellence, Christine teaches you her unique system for providing the kind of practical, yet visionary feedback that colleagues find motivating, honest, insightful, and helpful. Instead of resenting your efforts, they’ll be grateful for your support.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to let your refined leadership skills shine through your transformative evaluation efforts!

Perfect the Art of Pitching Yourself

What do you do?” may seem like an ordinary question that you’re asked all the time — but guess what? In truth, it’s really a hidden opportunity to take your personal brand and career to the next level.

In Perfect the Art of Pitching Yourself, Christine shows you how to craft an engaging and illuminating strategic introduction — also known as an elevator pitch — for conferences, networking events, meetings, and all other formal, casual or social situations.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to separate yourself from those who merely answer the question “What do you do?” — instead of exploit it as a unique and invaluable opportunity to make a powerful, lasting impact!

Job Interview Success Strategies

The most devastating mistake professional job seekers make is also the most common: they assume that potential employers are merely looking to “fill an open position,” when in reality they’re really looking for someone special to drive their organization forward.

In Job Interview Excellence, Christine empowers you with a new framework that dramatically changes how you approach job interviews, and teaches you potent strategies for leveraging your compelling personal story.

Contact Christine to book your workshop today, and get ready to clearly separate yourself from other candidates – and get that dream job!

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