One-on-one presentation skills coaching can prepare you for an important presentation as well as provide longer-term support to build your confidence as a speaker.

Do you want to ace a make-or-break presentation (like a job interview, client pitch or conference presentation) or shine giving a once-in-a-lifetime speech (such as a wedding toast, eulogy or commencement address)? By guiding you through some or all of the following steps in the speech-making process, I can help you deliver a performance you will feel proud of and will be remembered for all the right reasons:

  • Analyzing the audience and situation
  • Crafting memorable content
  • Refining and rehearsing the presentation
  • Developing and incorporating presentation aids
  • Managing nervousness
  • Speaking with authority
  • Soliciting feedback and testimonials
  • Analyzing and evaluating the performance

Do you need to speak with authority in everyday professional situations? I can teach you tools and strategies that will help you convey confidence during meetings, briefings, teleconferences, networking events, and informal workplace conversations.

Contact me to schedule a coaching session or series of sessions that will calm your nerves, bolster your confidence, give you a new outlook on presenting, and help you achieve your professional goals.


It was because of Christine's help that I nailed the interview process and got my job. I highly recommend her for anyone headed into job interviews.
– Matt P., campaign specialist at a building industry trade association